Manang municipalities exploring lakes


By Yadu Prasad Bhatta, Manang, Sept. 17: In Manang, four municipalities have started exploring various lakes in the district to increase internal revenue sources and attract tourists. 

The local municipalities have initiated the exploration of lakes within their jurisdictions. Meanwhile, Kajinsara Lake was discovered near Singarkharka base of Mt. Lamjung in Chame Rural Municipality-4. After that Chame Rural Municipality conducted a promotional programme of the lake from September 27 to October 1 in 2019. According to the Google’s GPS (Global Positioning System), the lake is located at an altitude of 5,700 metres above the sea level.

To promote the lake, the rural municipality has undertaken infrastructure development efforts, including road construction in various locations, the construction of toilets, and the establishment of waste disposal sites. These initiatives aim to make easier for tourists to reach the lake.

Chame Rural Municipality chairman Lokendra Ghale said, “We have submitted a proposal to the government to set standards for the lake. In the development of such tourist destinations, the government should facilitate easy and immediate access, as this is a matter of national pride.” He added that the rural municipality had also installed signboards at various locations to guide visitors to Kajinsara Lake and other nearby lakes.

Meanwhile, Manang Ngisyang Rural Municipality chairman Kancha Ghale said that although there were many glaciers in Manang, the municipality had not been able to measure the lakes there. He said, “It is not easy to access the natural snow lakes here, and the municipality’s budget is insufficient. 

We need to support the research and development of these natural lakes, which are a matter of national pride.”

Ward chair Cholpa Gurung informed that they had identified Mun Lake (5,800 metres above sea level) and Hidam Lake (5,300 metres above sea level) in Manang Ngisyang Rural Municipality-9. These lakes can be reached in three hours from Khangsar Village via the old settlement. Gurung pointed out the need of the trekking route, as constructing a path from the lake to Tilicho Lake would enable tourists to visit three lakes using a single route. He noted that due to budget constraints, the local government alone could not develop the location.

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