Khamcha dreams, aided by his feet


By Meena Kandel

Kawasoti, Sept 15 : Yam Khamcha of Julpetar, Hupsekot Rural Municipality–3, Nawalpur, cannot speak. He has also not had use of his arms since birth. But he does not let that hold him back. He has a good memory and his dexterity with his feet is exceptional. 

He can write, use devices and do many other tasks with his legs. He has also completed a basic computer course. And according to his father Man Bahadur, Khamcha dreams of being a published author.

Khamcha has written 446 Muktak poems with his feet. Now, he wishes to edit and polish them and publish them for the world to read. Khamcha's mother Yog Maya is beyond happy to see her son, who was forced to spend eight full years in bed, sharing his voice with others. To help Khamcha fulfil his dream, Dhan Bahadur Maski Rana of Kawasoti Municipality–2 gave him a laptop on Thursday. 

Rana, who provided the laptop on the occasion of his birthday, said that Khamcha, despite his physical disabilities had extraordinary mental capabilities. "So, instead of spending on needless and wasteful things, I wanted to help him on my birthday," he said. "Hopefully, this will help him reach the literary heights he deserves."

However, Khamcha's parents worry about his future. "He passed high school by writing with his feet. Now, he wants to study further but we do not how we can manage," Yog Maya said, wiping away her tears.

She is also scared of who will care for Khamcha after her. "I am already 62 years ago. I will die in peace if  something can be arranged for him."

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