Nepalgunj introduces fire motorcycle service


By Siraj Khan,Nepalgunj, Sept. 4Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City has brought a fire motorcycle into operation from Saturday. 

Authorities informed that the motorcycle has been specially modified to be used by the fire department in places where the fire engines cannot enter because of congested roads. Nepalgunj is said to have been the first local level outside the Kathmandu Valley to bring the fire motorcycle into use. 

"There are many settlements in Nepalgunj which can be reached only through narrow roads and alleys. 

Since a large fire engine cannot enter such places, the fire motorcycle will come in handy," said Prashant Bista, Mayor of Nepalgunj.

Settlements in Ward Nos. 3, 4, 5, 7 and 11 of Nepalgunj have several such settlements with narrow roads.

"The fire motorcycle will always carry two fire extinguishers and a long pipe to bring water from a nearby water source. 

The motorcycle, which is also equipped with a siren, will also help clear the way for the fire engine on the road," said Mayor Bista.

Rupan Gyawali, information management officer of the Emergency Operation Centre of Banke, said that training was being provided to locals to make them capable enough to take necessary steps for relief and rescue missions during disasters.

"The fire-prone areas in the district are being identified and interested locals are being trained to prevent and extinguish fire," said Gyawali. 

According to Gyawali, they planned to prepare over 400 disaster rescuers and utilise them to generate awareness on disaster control.

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