Lumbini World Peace Forum celebrates World Biodiversity Day


By TRN Online, Janakpur, May 22: Lumbini World Peace Forum has celebrated World Biodiversity Day by organizing a series of activities aimed at enhancing biodiversity and environmental conservation in Janakpur on Monday.

Issuing a press release President of the Forum Basu Gautam informed that the Forum carried out an initiative that encompassed tree planting, installation of tree guards, and cleaning activities along the Dudhmati River.

The event garnered the participation of esteemed guests, including the Secretary of Forest and Environment of Madhesh Province Jagdish Prasad Jaiswal, local youths and eco-activists. 

The day began with the ceremonial planting of trees, symbolizing the commitment to preserving and expanding the region's green cover. This effort aimed to create a sustainable environment that supports various forms of life and contributes to the overall well-being of the ecosystem.

Similarly, the participants actively engaged in the cleaning of the Dudhmati River. By removing debris and waste from the watercourse, the initiative sought to enhance the biodiversity and ecological balance of the area.

The event was the Forum’s 1 Million Trees Plantation Drive campaign. 

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