Indians throng Koilabas free eye camp for treatment


By Our Correspondent,Deukhuri, Mar. 24Mohammad Basir of Raniapur, Balarampur District, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, was 80 years old when his eyes gradually became blurred, impairing his vision.  Basir went to the local hospital but couldn’t recover. A surgery was recommended by a hospital in India. 

Basir's weak financial condition meant that he stayed at home without treatment. One day, a news that a free eye camp was going to be held in Koilabas, Dang district, Nepal, reached him. 

He wasted no time and went to the camp where he underwent a surgery. His blurred vision gave way to clear vision. After the surgery, elated Basir said, “Eye treatment service in our place is not good, and a good one is really expensive. Now, I am able to see with my own eyes.” 

A free health camp was organised in Koilabas, where legions of Indian citizens came for treatment. Many from Balrampur received treatment at the two-day health camp.  On the one side, many Nepalis visit Indian hospitals for treatment of different illness, but on the other, for eye treatment, Indians make their way to Nepal.   

B. M. Ratna Tuladhar, a resident of Garhwa Rural Municipality Ward No. 8, Koilabas, said that it became easier for the Indian citizens to receive treatment here after the eye treatment centre came into operation in Koilabas. The centre is providing a host of eye services, including cataract surgery. 

According to Abdul Khalik Siddhiki, Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 8, Indian eye patients throng Nepali hospitals because treatment there is more expensive than that in Nepal.  

He informed that the Koilabas Eye Treatment Centre has seen increased human activities because of many Indian citizens.  

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh has launched an eye health programme to prevent blindness. In the past eye treatment was not easily available in Nepal, compelling Nepalis to go to Sitapur in India to have their eyes checked. 

With increased investment in eye care, hospitals were opened in Nepal. Krishna Kumar Giri, Chairman of District Branch of Nepal Netra jyoti Sangh, Dang, said that after the treatment became more accessible, blindness is no longer a problem. 

A surgical centre for eyes has been set up in the Nepali community of Koilabas, which is near the Indian border. The Sangh has developed the center for eye surgery. 

Eye surgeries are now provided once a month, according to Chief Administrator of Eye Programme of Rapti and Bahadurgunj Shumser Thapa.  Now the services have been extended to Indian citizens, and every month 50 to 60 Indian citizens come to the hospital for treatment. Many Indian citizens come for cataract surgery. This time, 128 Indian citizens received free cataract surgery, along with three Nepali patients. 

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