Baitadi women form network to control alcohol


By Our Correspondent,Baitadi, Mar. 18: A network of women has been formed in all nine wards of Sigas Rural Municipality of the district in the initiative of the rural municipality to control the sale and consumption of liquor. 

 The women’s network was constituted in the leadership of Dani Dhami, Deputy chair of the rural municipality.   Vice chair Dhami informed that the women’s network would generate awareness against the consumption of alcohol, quarrels and gender violence. She said that sale and consumption of alcohol had come down after the formation of the network. 

“The women of Sigas have to suffer violence due to alcohol. Consumption of alcohol has also led to quarrels in society. To control this the women’s network has been formed. I myself have worked to constitute the network from Ward No. 1 to 9,” she said.  According to her, out of nine wards, the task of forming women’s network has been completed in eight wards and currently preparation is underway to form the network in Ward No. 9. 

In the presence of vice chairperson of the rural municipality, the women’s networks have been formed under the leadership of Kalawati Charamkar, Chitra Bohora, Khageshowri Dhami, Tara Saud, Lakshmi Dhami, Bideshowri Dhami, Laxmi Awasthi and Bashati Bohora from Ward No. 1 to 8 respectively. 

The municipality has allocated Rs. 30,000 to the women network of each ward to celebrate  the International Women’s Day this year.  According to Chitra Bohora, chief of women network of Ward No. 2, they marked the Women’s Day in Sigas for the first time under the leadership of vice chair of the municipality. 

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