Pokhara: A Heaven Indeed


People from all over the world come to visit Nepal because the country offers unique geography, which is full of natural beauty. While thinking about this, a question came to my mind- I, who is from Nepal, had not explored Nepal properly. 

So on my vacation, I set out on a journey to visit places in Nepal.

Now, when I was determined to explore, I just knew the exact place to explore and enjoy my vacations. And yes, it was Pokhara. 

It was said that Pokhara is heaven. And after those long and bumpy nine hours on the bus, I finally reached heaven. No signs of pollution were there, especially for a person that lives in the dusty streets of Kathmandu. I had finally reached my destination. I was now ready to explore the dreamland.

I booked a nice hotel near the lakeside, freshened up and got ready to explore the so-called Pokhara's Thamel- the lakeside area. 

It was much cleaner and bigger than Thamel, and also a lot more beautiful. Then I ate naan roti in a Punjabi restaurant and later a cup of bubble tea. I got back to my hotel and slept properly to explore even more unique places.

The next day, I freshened up and got out of my hotel to eat breakfast. After eating my breakfast, I sped up to Shiva Mandir. 

Shiva Mandir was really beautiful. It just looks like some sort of picture if you see it from a distance. There, we clicked some photos and set our eyes on the Peace (Shanti) Stupa.

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