Monitor Nighttime Business


Nightlife businesses such as discos, dance bars, nightclubs, and night bars, have recently come under the spotlight after several allegations that they are a venue to defraud customers. Both the media and the general public accuse these business outlets of tricking numerous visitors under various pretexts. Many people are drawn to the nightlife spots because they desire to enjoy spending a few of hours after work at their favourite places. Discos, dance bars, and nightclubs that are recognised for providing visitors with enjoyable experiences but many of them have become a place for cheating clients because of the instant gratification that these facilities can provide as there is no shortage of entertainment options in nightclubs and bars to meet a visitor’s specific needs.

Nonetheless, some owners of such nighttime enterprises understand that many of their clients come to them for entertainment, for which they are willing to pay. As a result, the owners, managers, personnel, and workers at these places do not hesitate to exploit their consumers. After becoming inebriated in these establishments, many clients become victims of cheating, fraud, and robbery. Meanwhile, it is true that these areas attract undesirable elements like drug users, hooligans, gangsters, and homosexuals, making them unsafe for families, women, and children.

Several discos, dance bars, and nightclub managers are reported to have been engaged in unethical methods such as scamming unsuspecting clients. This daily recently reported that a group of Indian tourists were robbed of thousands of rupees at a disco near the Gongabu New Bus Park. According to the same report, the city police authority stated that cheating and scamming at nightclubs and dance bars, as well as some dohori (duet) centres, has increased drastically in recent days. The proprietors and operators of these establishments engage personnel to entice unsuspecting tourists and Nepalis, and once inside, young girls surround them. They all work together to make these hapless clients victims of bad design; they rob visitors while offering various services and refreshments. In addition to charging high prices for drinks and services, they also engage in robbing consumers of their possessions. All of these instances made various Kathmandu-based dance bars, nightclubs, and discos a feared destination. Unfortunately, similar establishments have proliferated throughout the capital valley, where people looking for a fun night out are frequently robbed of their possessions.

Several people, including innocent tourists, visit Kathmandu’s discos, dance bars, and nightclubs in areas such as the New Bus Park, Sundhara, and Thamel as well as other places in the evening and night with friends and special ones, only to fall victim to negative elements. As per the police, even after taking action against the wrongdoing owners, managers, and employees and closing down these enterprises, the incidences of cheating and robbery have not subsided. The main reason for this is that, despite being investigated by authorities, these operators frequently reopen their enterprises by using legal loopholes. All of these heinous instances demand for stringent limitations on nighttime businesses in the capital and elsewhere.

The authorities must maintain a close eye on these establishments so that no clients who wish to spend their evenings and nights having fun become victims of unethical situations. Not all late-night establishments defraud their consumers though as some provide the best services and entertainment, which helps make a visitor somewhat stress-free and happy. Yet, many of these enterprises try making a quick buck by swindling their customers, which often threatens to contaminate the entire nightlife industry. The authorities must strictly monitor them to prevent such incidences.

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