Humla patients depend on security personnel for blood


BY OUR CORRESPONDENT,Humla, Mar. 6: Patients, who need blood and who are undergoing treatment at the Humla District Hospital, have no option but to depend on security personnel for blood. 

Due to the lack of a blood bank in the hospital, patients’ kith and kin seek help from the security personnel. 

As the security personnel are ready to provide blood to the needy at any time, the patients depend on them. 

On Saturday, 48-year-old Lwarani Rawal of Thehe village of Simkot Rural Municipality-2 was in need of blood while undergoing treatment at the district hospital. 

The hospital was forced to seek help from the District Police Office after she suddenly needed blood.

Dabale Rawal, her husband, said that the police personnel saved his wife's life. "It would have been difficult to get blood and save my wife if there were no police personnel," said Rawal. 

Sarita Bohara, senior ANM at the hospital, said that the officials of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force provide blood to the patients in need. They are always keen to help patients with their blood, she added. 

She said that due to the lack of a blood bank in the hospital, blood could not be stored and security personnel are the only source of blood in Humla. 

Stating that three patients had sought blood so far this year, she said that all got it from the security personnel working in the district headquarters.

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