Over 10,000 registered specialist doctors in Nepal: NMC


BY A STAFF REPORTER,Kathmandu,Mar.1 : The number of specialist doctors in Nepal has surpassed 10,000 mark. According to the statistics provided by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC), the number of registered specialist doctors as of mid-January this year has reached 10,080. Among them, 7,110 are men and 2,970 are women.

As per the statistics of the council, 32,218 doctors have been registered in Nepal so far. Of these, 27, 805 are registered under medical and 4,413 under dental units. Most of the registered specialist doctors – 1,088 – specialise in internal medicines, followed by obstetricians and gynecologists (994), general surgeons (947), orthopedics (805), pediatric specialists (781), anesthesiology (677), and radiology (663).

Similarly, there are 61 specialist doctors in anatomy, 40 in biochemistry,190 in community medicine and public health, 53 in forensic medicine, four in hospital administration, 75 in microbiology, 362 in pathology, 80 in pharmacology, and 72 in physiology.

Likewise, there are 28 specialist doctors in diabetes and hormones (endocrinology), 126 cardiologists, one pediatrics (pediatric cardiology), two clinical genetics, two specialising in critical care medicine, three in physical medicine and rehabilitation, 45 in gastroenterology, three blood specialist (hematology), one liver specialist (hepatology) and 26 in kidney (nephrology).

Similarly, there are 31 specialists in rheumatology (rheumatology), respiratory and tuberculosis (respiratory and TB), three in transfusion medicine and tissue inputting, one in tropical medicine, one in family medicine, two in pulmonology, and one in palliative medicine.

Likewise, the data shows that there are 947 specialists in general surgery. Among them, 17 are in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, seven in cardiac surgery, two each in gastro surgery and hepatobiliary surgery, 59 in neurosurgery, 19 in pediatric surgery, 13 in plastic surgery, 21 in surgical oncology, 55 in urology (urinary system), one each in colorectal surgery and thoracic surgery. 

Similarly, the council has 677 specialists registered in anesthesia (anesthesiology),

339 in dermatology and venereology, 328 in nose, ear, throat, 11 in emergency medicine, 451 in general practice, five in geriatric medicine, eight in neonatology, 16 in nuclear medicine, 11 in oncology, 463 in ophthalmology, 805 in orthopedics, 781 in pediatrics and one in pediatric hemato oncology.

According to the council, there are one specialist doctor each in nephrology and psychiatric, 244 in psychiatry, 29 in radiotherapy, 663 in radiology and imaging, one in pediatric hematology, and two pediatric gastroenterology.

The NMC said that there are 231 specialists in dentistry MDS, six in community dentistry, 66 in conservative dentistry and endodontics, 88 in oral and maxillofacial surgery, 12 in oral medicine and radiology, 15 in oral pathology, two in oral science, 132 in orthodontics, 33 in pedodontics, 58 in periodontics, 91 in prosthodontics, six in public health dentistry and one in forensic odontology.

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