Kirant community marks Udhauli (photo feature)


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Dec. 8: The Udhauli festival has been celebrated with fanfare across the country today.

The festival of the Kirant community was also celebrated in the Kathmandu Valley organizing different programmes.

As part of the celebration, people from the Kirant community showcased different performances including dances in traditional attire at the Manghim Temple at Sano Hattiban in Lalitpur.

Udhauli is one of the two most important festivals of the Kirant community, a worshiper of nature.

The Kirants observe Udhauli as a special festival due to the ritual of worshiping ancestors and nature before harvesting grains.

Time has been divided into two sections according to the Kirants’ religious book Mundhum: Udhauli and Ubhauli. The Ubhauli festival is marked in the full moon day in April. The festival is marked just before the period of planting grains for growing. The government announced a public holiday on the occasion of Udhauli festival today.

Here are some pictures of the Udhauli celebration.

Photos: Bikash Dware

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