Fulpati received at Dashainghar


Kathmandu, Oct. 2: The 'fulpati' has been received at Dashainghar of Hanumandhoka Durbar on Sunday afternoon, the seventh day of the Nawaratha (the nine-night period) of the Bada Dasain festival.

The fulpati is an assortment of different plants and leaves considered sacred by the Hindus. It is a Vedic tradition to install the fulpati at their homes by all the Hindus on this day as an auspicious item offered to the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

The fulpati installed at the Dasainghar of Hanumandhoka was initially brought from Gorkha via Dhading to Jamal, Kathmandu. It was later taken to Dashainghar of Hanumandhoka Durbar from Jamal in a ritualistic procession which included government officials, the representatives of the Hanumandhoka Durbar Care and Management Office and accompanied by security personnel amidst the playing of traditional music, according to Chief of Office, Sandip Khanal.

It is installed at Dashainghar in a state ceremony every year on the occasion of the Dasain festival. A contingent of the Nepali Army's Gurujyu platoon fired celebratory salvoes on the occasion.

This tradition of bringing fulpati and installing it at Dasainghar, Hanumandhoka dates back to the Malla era, the medieval period in Nepal's history. (RSS)

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