EC limits election spending for parties, candidates


Kathmandu, Oct. 2: The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday determined the ceiling of electoral spending for political parties/candidates.  The maximum limit of electoral spending was fixed based on the existing law, number of voters in constituency, number of polling centre and area.

The EC had earlier consulted the political parties on spending limit, while the parties had suggested EC not to fix the similar ceiling to all constituencies.

However, the basis of number of voters constitutes 60 percent on determination of spending limit, while 20 percent each to polling centre and area of constituency.

Under the FPTP election for the House of Representatives, the spending ceiling for the parties/candidates in constituency no 1, 3, 6, 7 and 8 of Kathmandu is Rs 2.5 million. 

Similarly, 17 constituencies are categorized for the ceiling of Rs 2.7 million, 65 constituencies for Rs 2.9 million, 52 constituencies for Rs 3.1 million and 26 constituencies for Rs 3.3 million. 

In the provincial election under the FPTP category, 70 constituencies have been categorized for the ceiling of Rs 1.5 million, 143 constituencies of Rs 1.7 million, 56 constituencies of Rs 1.9 million, 29 constituencies of Rs 2.1 million, and 32 constituencies of Rs 2.3 million.

Issuing a press release on Sunday, EC Spokesperson Shaligram Poudel informed that under the proportional electoral system of HoR, the political parties can spend up to Rs 200 thousand as per number of candidates included in the closed list. Similarly, it is Rs 150 thousand in case of provincial election under the proportional category.

The political parties or electoral candidates make spending on use of vehicles, publicity, office operation and mobilization of representatives.  (RSS)

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