Dashain’s third day dedicated to goddess Chandraghanta


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Sept 28: Wednesday is the fourth day of Bada Dashain dedicated to goddess Chandraghanta.

Worshipped as the destroyer of demons, Chandraghanta gets her name from the moon-bell (Chandra-Ghanta) she uses to defeat evil forces. She has 10 hands and is usually depicted seated upon a tiger.

According to priest Madhav Chalise, the goddess is known to drive away all pain of her devotees and is offered rice pudding. She is worshipped with the mantra ‘Om Devi Chandraghantayai Nama.’

On this day, people visit the Punya Tirtha (pilgrimage) at Gokarna.

Cultural scholars and experts   believe that the worship of Durga in Dashain shows Nepali society’s reverence for Matrishakti (motherly power) and the importance placed on the concept of Devi (a supernatural extension of   the female form) for the defeat of evil and triumph of good.

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