PR list finalized unanimously: Spokesperson Dr Mahat


Kathmandu, Sept. 27: The ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has clarified that the names of the candidates to contest the upcoming November 20 election under the Proportional Representations (PR) was finalized unanimously. 

The NC submitted the closed list under the PR system to the Election Commission on September 19. At a press conference organized here on Tuesday at the party's central office, NC's Spokesperson Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat clarified that the Central Parliamentary Committee's meeting had determined the names of the candidates recommended by the concerned agencies as per the Party's statute. 

Dr Mahat further said, "Intense discussions were held among the office-bearers while determining the names of the candidates vying the upcoming elections to House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly. The decision was made unanimously by the authorized agencies within the party."

Registration of the party and submission of the closed list of the candidates under the PR category for the both elections have been carried out, he shared, adding that if there were any errors in the closed list for PR, the party will correct them within the timeline set by the Commission. 

According to him, all party cadres and leaders were asked to work actively so as to secure win for the party in the upcoming election. 

He informed that the discussion on finalizing the seat sharing in accordance with the agreement to enter an electoral alliance with other political parties in the HoR and Provincial Assembly election had reached the final stage. 

Once the seat-sharing is over, according to Dr Mahat, the candidates to contest the election under the First-Past-The-Post in the areas chosen by the NC would be finalized. 

Manifesto in the offing  

NC has formed a Manifesto Preparation Committee which has already begun preparing the manifesto, Dr Mahat said. The Committee was currently soliciting suggestions on what to include in the manifesto from party's well-wishers via various social networking sites such as messenger and Twitter among others and other digital platforms.

On a different note, he mentioned that complaint about the impracticality of the Election Commission of Nepal's Code of Conduct was rife lately. "Coalition-partners and opposition party are saying that the provision that bars the Prime Minister and ministers campaigning for the election was impractical. As the Prime Minister is the executive Head of the country, his visits are planned in consideration of the security sensitiveness. "

"We are confident that the Commission will relax its code of conduct in view of the international practices."

Attack on sovereignty of constitution due to no-authentication of the Citizenship Bill

Spokesperson Dr Mahat said that NC had blamed that the President had violated the Constitution by not certifying the Citizenship Bill that was twice endorsed by the both Houses in the Parliament within the constitutionally stipulated time.

This move of the President had deprived the children of those Nepali citizens who had already obtained the citizenship identity card from their constitutional right to citizenship.

On the other hand, the act of the President had seriously attacked on the sovereignty vested on people, constitutional supremacy and basic values of democratic governance system enshrined by the constitution promulgated through the Constituent Assembly. 

Dr Mahat also extended best wishes to all Nepalis on the behalf of NC and his own on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami-2079 BS which commenced since last Monday. He wished for good health, longevity, peace, prosperity and progress to all on the occasion. (RSS)

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