Confusion prevails on operating bus park in Sarlahi


By Our Correspondent, Sarlahi, Aug. 7: Despite the construction of a bus park with modern facilities in Malangwa, district headquarters of Sarlahi, there is a confusion about its operation.

The bus park, which was constructed at a cost of nearly Rs. 60 million through the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction of the Federal Government in Janakpurdham, has become unusable. It has been more than five months since the construction of the bus park completed.

The municipal office in Malangwa has not shown any interest in bringing the fully-equipped bus park with the terminal building into operation. 

Meanwhile, bus operators are currently parking their buses in the old bus park in Malangwa Municipality-9 which is narrow and stinky. They are not ready to park the bus at the newly built facility due to the fear that the small passenger vehicles would pick the passengers from the old bus park and they would face challenge in running the business. 

Dhirendra Sah, Acting President of Sarlahi Bus Entrepreneurs' Association, said that no one has informed them about the completion of the new bus park. He expressed his apprehensions about losing passengers if they used the new bus park. 

"We have not been formally told by the municipality to use the new bus park. We will decide whether to use it once we are told so," Sah said. 

According to him, if they have to go to the new bus park, passengers who come to board the bus at the old bus park should not be picked up by small vehicles. Only after this assurance, we will move our bus to the new bus park, said Sah. 

Homnath Subedi, Chief Administrative Officer of Malangwa, said that the contractor that built the bus park has yet to hand over the facility to them. 

He said that after the bus park comes into operation with its transfer to the local government, no bus business should say they will not bring buses to the newly built infrastructure since a large amount of money was spent to develop it. 

Locals have expressed their concerns that the bus park built at a cost of Rs. 60 million has not come into operation due to the failure to bring the bus entrepreneurs to an agreement. Nagendra Prasad Yadav, Mayor of Malangwa, said that he will soon discuss the issue with them. 

"Everyone should be happy since the bus park is built, there is no reason for the entrepreneurs to be sad about it. We will discuss this matter with them soon and come to a decision," Mayor Yadav said, "There has been some delay in the operation of the bus park because the contractor has not handed it over." 

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