Border pillars awaiting maintenance in Dang


By Our Correspondent, Deukhuri, Aug. 6: The border pillars placed to separate the border line between Nepal and India are in a dilapidated condition in Dang district. One of them was swept away six years ago while others from the eastern Arna border to the western Bhauwa border in the district have been damaged and are awaiting maintenance. 

There is a provision that the even-numbered pillars should be repaired by India and odd-numbered pillars by Nepal. But locals have complained that both sides have not given importance to repair the damaged pillars.

Purna Bahadur Roka, a resident of Bhainsahi border, Rajpur Rural Municipality, Ward No. 7, Dang, said that even though they requested the local government and administration to repair the border pillars, they have done nothing to restore them.

"If the border pillars get lost and remain in a dilapidated condition like this, the border may be gradually removed. Even though locals have shown interest in protecting the border pillars, no repair work has been done by both the sides,” he said.

There are a total of 77 border pillars –37 main and 40 auxiliaries -- in Dang district, one of which has not been built even years after it was swept away by the river. The border post No. 602/48 near the Khabri border of Dang was swept away by a flood in the Khabri River six years ago, and it has not been restored yet.

Of the remaining 76 pillars, 16 also need immediate repair. 

The rest of the boundary pillars are also in a dilapidated condition and the numbers written on them have been erased. Both Nepal and India are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the border pillars in the area.

Binod KC, chief of the Armed Police Force Nepal No. 29 Jwalamai Battalion Bhaluwang, said that the security agencies stationed by Nepal in the Nepal-India border area are monitoring the border pillars.

He said, “Nepal Police and Armed Police have been deployed on behalf of Nepal in most of the border areas, the security posts located there are also responsible for monitoring the border pillars. 

The border in ​​Dang is 83 km long from east to west. The Armed Police Force have kept five Border Outposts (BOPs) and eight Forward Bases (FOBs) for border security. 

Chief District Officer of Dang, Hiralal Regmi, said that he was aware of the condition of the pillars. 

He said that when he reached the Nepal-India border area and inspected the pillars, he found that one pillar should be built and 16 others 

need repair.

He said that construction of the missing border pillar has been delayed because it has to be done through a diplomatic initiative from the top level rather than from their own level. 

According to the security agencies, the border pillar could not be placed for a long time because it had to be kept only by conducting a survey in the direct participation of technicians from both countries.   

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