Public post holder with political affiliation will face action: EC


By A Staff Reporter 

Kathmandu, Aug 1 :  The Election Commission (EC) has reminded us that action will be taken against a person holding a public position if they are found affiliated with any political party. 

Issuing a statement here on Sunday, the EC’s Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said if a person holding a public position is found to be a member of a political party, action will be taken according to the prevailing law. 

“There is a legal provision that incumbents of self-governing organizations owned or controlled by the Nepal government, provincial government or local level cannot be the members of political parties,” the statement reads. 

The commission has also drawn the attention of the political parties registered according to the Constitution of Nepal and Political Party Act, 2017, to fully comply with Section 14 (2) of the Act, when distributing membership in line with the party’s statute. 

The commission also said that Section 14 of the Political Party Act, 2017 has clear provisions regarding the distribution of party membership, the EC informed. 

“At the time of distribution of party membership, one must be at least 18 years of age, one has not been sentenced to prison for corruption, rape, human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering, kidnapping, or other criminal offenses showing moral turpitude,” the statement reads. 

It is the party’s responsibility to ensure that a person is not eligible to join the party, the EC stated. 

The EC has reminded the political parties to consider the existing laws while distributing and updating the party membership. 

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