Five years imprisonment for violating Food Act


Kathmandu, July 4: The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control has urged consumers to avoid eating food kept in the open especially along the roadside to avoid diarrhoea and other diseases.     

The department has urged the consumers to remain vigilant as the number of diarrhoea patients has started increasing in the Valley and some places outside the Valley. Doctors have been noting that food prepared and sold openly on the side of the road is harmful to health, as there is a possibility of infection of harmful micro-organisms of various diseases during the rainy season and humid weather.     

The Food Act 2023 BS states that food vendors should pay special attention to sales units and personal hygiene and use clean drinking water. Provision has been made in the Act to take legal action against the food traders found to have prepared and sold food items without maintaining hygiene. Section 5 of the Act provides for imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to Rs 50,000 or both.     

Likewise, Sub-section 3 of Section 5 of the Act stipulates that if any person suffers harm due to unhealthy food, reasonable compensation should be paid to the victim by such culprit. (RSS)

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