In pictures: Afghanistan after devastating earthquake


GETTY IMAGES, An elderly man reacts to the destruction inflicted after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake ripped through Paktika province in Afghanistan

June 24: Afghanistan's Taliban government has appealed for more international help to cope with the devastating earthquake that's feared to have killed at least 1,000 people.

The devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Khost, with tremors felt as far away as Pakistan and India.

Rescue teams are scrambling to save those trapped under rubble, but efforts are hampered by heavy rain and a lack of sufficient infrastructure and resources.

GETTY IMAGES, Villagers help the search and rescue operation by sifting through the debris of a destroyed building in Paktika

EPA, An ambulance convoy transports victims of the earthquake in Gayan village by navigating through rocky terrain

GETTTY, A man picks searches for his belongings under the rubble in the aftermath of the earthquake

EPA, An injured victim of the earthquake receives treatment at a hospital in Paktika as military officers look on

GETTY IMAGES, An Afghan boy reads from the Quran while sitting next to a body of an earthquake victim as part of a burial rite

GETTY IMAGES, Survivors and rescuers have told the BBC of villages almost completely destroyed near the epicentre of the quake

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