Coal mill belt connected in Udaypur Cement Industry


By Our Correspondent Gaighat, June 24: Coal mill belts have been installed in the state-owned Udayapur Cement Industry. According to industry management, the industry will save more than Rs. 3.5 million annually after installing the belts.

According to Gopi Krishna Neupane, general manager of Udayapur Cement Industries Limited, the coal mill belt, developed by the industry with an investment of around Rs. 1.5 million, has reduced the cost annually.

A coal mill belt is a machine that carries the coal used to make cement to the coal mill from a coal warehouse.

This is an important achievement in the maintenance and improvement of the industry, said Tika Kunwar, chief of the maintenance department of the industry.

He said that the industry will save Rs. 3.5 million to Rs. 4 million annually once the coal mill belt is connected and brought into operation.

Before connecting the belt, they used to take coal from the coal yard to the machine using a loader, Kunwar said.

While using the loader, the cost of diesel, operator and loader expenditure used to be all that is now saved.

A team of engineers led by Kunwar, who works in the industry, has made this type of coal mill belt.

Coal was spilled, scattered and eroded in many places when loaders loaded coal from the yard to the mill, but now that problem is solved, he said.

He said that the cost of the industry could be greatly reduced if other belts such as coal mill belts could be connected to the kiln to supply other raw materials, including red clay used for making cement. 

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