NC calls for urgent efforts to deal with rain disasters


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, July 11:The Nepali Congress has urgently called upon all levels of government to intensify efforts in response to the devastating natural disasters gripping Nepal.

A press statement issued by the party on Wednesday read that the country has been ravaged by floods and landslides because of incessant monsoon rains, resulting in tragic loss of life, injuries and widespread displacement of citizens.

According to the party, dozens of lives have been lost, with many more individuals reported missing and injured. Agricultural lands have been damaged, crucial road networks blocked, and numerous travellers left stranded across affected regions.

Expressing profound sympathy for the victims and their families, Krishna Prasad Paudel, Chief Secretary of the Nepali Congress, emphasised the critical need for coordinated rescue and relief efforts. The party has urged the immediate deployment of rescue teams to the affected areas to ensure systematic and effective assistance for those in distress.

“The situation demands swift and decisive action from the government,” stated Paudel. “It is imperative to intensify search and rescue operations, provide relief to affected families, and ensure comprehensive medical treatment for the injured,” read the press release.

In collaboration with fraternal and benevolent organisations, the Nepali Congress has mobilised efforts to identify and mitigate risks in vulnerable areas prone to further landslides and flooding. They have appealed for concerted efforts to relocate citizens from high-risk zones to safer locations.

As Nepal mourns the lives lost in these catastrophic events, the Nepali Congress has extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured. The party has called for unified action and solidarity across all sectors of society to support ongoing rescue and relief operations in affected districts.

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