Ancient currency has multifaceted significance: Tourism Minister


Kathmandu, July 10: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Hit BahadurTamang has said that the relationship between the ancient and historical currency of Nepal will be connected with the archaeological heritage and nationalism.     

While inaugurating the exhibition of coins of 193 countries by Dipendra Ratna Shakya, who set a world record by collecting ancient and historical coins of Nepal, Minister Tamang said that the work of collecting coins of Nepal and abroad is important from different perspectives.     

He also said that currency has multifaceted importance, as it will also help promote tourism in the country.     

Meanwhile, the currency collected by child collector, Lakshyajit Malla was exhibited by the Nepal Currency Collectors Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.     

On the occasion, Tourism Minister Tamang praised the child collectors who were successful in collecting and exhibiting currency from the Buddha period, Lichchhawi period, and monarchy to republic.(RSS)

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