GB Rai’s location confirmed, says DPM Lamichhane


By Our Correspondent, Narayangadh, June 21 : Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Rabi Lamichhane has revealed that the location of absconding GB (Gitendra Babu) Rai, involved in a cooperative fraud case, has now been confirmed and cleared to a large extent. 

Speaking to journalists at Bharatpur Airport on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane said that the government had continuously investigated Rai’s whereabouts and got the location clear.

“We are conducting an investigation and have got very close. I have had multiple conversations with the Home Minister of Malaysia during the week only. Even three or four days ago, I spoke with him,” he said, adding, “We have already found out. The Malaysian Home Minister has made the location of GB Rai clear,” said DPM Lamichhane.

Because of the lack of an extradition treaty with Malaysia, there are legal hindrances to arresting Rai and bringing him to Nepal, the Home Minister said. 

“It takes a bit of time in diplomatic efforts. Our efforts are going on day and night. You will get the results soon,” he said.

Rai is absconding after being involved in a fraud case involving billions of rupees from various cooperatives in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Rupandehi. 

The government suspects Rai is hiding in Malaysia, and legal processes to arrest and bring him back have started, Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane informed.

“Considering the legal status, he (J.B.) is residing in Malaysia, it will take time to bring him back. But we are in the process of doing so,” he clearly stated.

Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane, who is also the Chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party, argued that the statement about ministers carrying their resignations in their pockets was a continuation of their party’s ethos. 

He also accused many of over interpreting the statement about ministers having resignations in their pockets.

“If we fail to perform well or cannot do our jobs, then it is not appropriate to stay glued to the government. This is a continuation of the core ethos of our party,” he added. 

“This statement does not mean there is a problem in the government coalition. Sometimes statements come out in a certain way. The interpretations are made according to individual tastes.”

In particular, the way the budget is made and discussed, it might not align with the constitutional intent of the changes we envisioned. This is the form of dissatisfaction,” he said.

He accused that there was a problem with the budget system of the government.

“It was just an expression in a democratic manner. This should not be understood as a problem within the coalition. The citizens’ voices were not heard in the budget-making process. The current budget system needs to be changed,” he said. 

“It is wrong to include small projects in the budget. How can a bridge that costs Rs. 200 million be built with a budget of Rs. 200,000? This is a problem of the system. Let’s change it immediately,” he said.

Regarding the issue of changing the Inspector General of Police, DPM Lamichhane made it clear that he had not said anything about it anywhere.

In response to journalists’ questions, Deputy Prime Minister Lamichhane asked, “Where did I speak about changing the IGP? I never said anything changing the IGP.”

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