Vice President concerned about climate change and economic instability


Patan (Lalitpur), June 11: Vice President Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav has expressed his concern about climate change, environmental degradation, social inequality and economic instability.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 30th International Conference on Sustainable Development Research organized by Midwesten and Nepal Open University here today, he expressed his concern that the challenges facing the world as of late including climate change, environmental degradation, social inequality and economic instability are growing big and complex.

"Promotion of renewable energy, forest protection, sustainable agriculture and efforts to empower rural communities through eco-tourism are some important examples of maintaining a harmonious relationship with the nature," he said.

Stating that the efforts of a single country will not be enough to reduce the  effects of climate change, he emphasized that no country can address the global challenges alone and that a global solution to all these challenges is necessary.

Vice President Yadav expressed his belief that the conference would help enhance the spirit of global cooperation and encourage all to move forward with a common commitment to build a golden and sustainable future. 

  He said that he was happy to learn that experts with different research backgrounds had gathered to share their knowledge, strategies and research in the conference. "Nepal is in favor of innovative solutions and cooperation in the field of sustainable development", he said.

 More than 300 professors, scientists, researchers and policy makers from 50 countries are participating in the conference that will run until June 14. (RSS)

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