Govt planning to implement Employment Bank: PM Prachanda


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' addressing the Shramadhan Employment Fair. Photo: Prime Minister's Secretariat

Biratnagar, May 30: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that the government would implement the concept of an Employment Bank to ensure employment of the available human resources on the basis of knowledge, skills, and technical expertise.     

The PM argued that the Employment Bank will deal with the issue of job demand and supply and entrepreneurship development.     

Addressing the Shramadhan Employment Fair here today, the PM said entrepreneurship development would be expedited by best utilizing the labour, skills and experiences of the returnee migrants and others staying within the country.     

PM Prachanda said that the government has made needed provisions in the upcoming fiscal year's budget to ensure employment to as many as 100,000 returnee migrants as per their knowledge, capital, skills and technical expertise.     

On the occasion, the PM said the welfare of the workers will be protected for their good health and well-being to align the SDGs and policies and programmes of the government.     

Similarly, the PM added that the government was working to increase domestic employment through entrepreneurship development through the proper utilization of remittance. The PM said the country's prosperity and citizens' well-being should be promoted by ensuring domestic jobs for the citizens in the long run.     

"The government has planned to make the potential job aspirants more competitive by promoting their skills and capacity building. Implementation of employment fair will directly benefit a large number of youths entering the labour market," PM Prachanda said.     

Saying that the prosperity journey could be advanced through employment generation and the development of decent labour, the PM appealed to the stakeholders for a joint effort and cooperation to materialize this.     

The PM also termed the 'Shramadhan Employment Fair' a meaningful intervention and hoped that the fair will be instrumental in tapping into the opportunities in the labour and employment sector and offering a one-stop solution to the problems.     

Likewise, the PM shared that several new programmes have been introduced in the new budget for the upcoming fiscal year for employment creation, entrepreneurship development of returnees, reviving the agriculture sector and others. (RSS)

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