Charms Of Summer


Dixya Poudel

The flowers are in full bloom. Leaves rustle lushly in the trees. People are seen gathering around in shades. Cold drinks are relished, particularly fizzy, carbonated and flavoured ones. Likewise, shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, tops and dresses are in vogue. Evidently, it is summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. And as each year hits a record high number in mercury, experts are warning of soaring temperature this summer as well. It is an Anthropocene era in which human activities have led to global warming and climate change. Alarmingly, the world is heating up quite fast, melting glaciers and polar icecaps. Extreme weather has become the norm and this year too heat waves are expected to blast urbanscapes, breaking records in the mercury.

Summer season follows the spring and is marked with heat and humidity. Before the onset of monsoon, summer sees a rise in temperature which can make people’s lives quite difficult. Heat can induce excessive perspiration, dry mouth, palpitation and thirst. While it is a normal physiological reaction to high temperature, in extreme cases it can lead to heatstroke which can be fatal. Summer thus sees increasing cases of heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heatstroke and even hyperthermia. It even affects agricultural and livestock production. Especially droughts are a major concern, as farmers can only breathe a sigh of relief once the rainfalls hit the ground. 

The stifling heat becomes unbearable outdoors as conversations revolve around rising mercury and its endless blight in the weather. Walking during the daytime is a tiring and unwelcome prospect as even umbrellas can’t shield fully from the heat. One could say the summer season is quite a nuisance. But then this season has its own charm as well. In summer, one can wear cute dresses, shorts and tank-tops. No more layers of clothes. Fizzy, cold drinks are a treat. People also enjoy chilled caffeinate drinks such as iced-tea or iced-coffee in cafes where the youths congregate in numbers. Many schools close in the daytime so that young students can relax at home, with classes in the morning.

 As ACs and fans blast throughout the day, office workers can work in a comfortable and suitably cool workspace. Early mornings and late evenings can be a delight for those who prefer taking walks. Moreover, swimming can be quite appealing in summer as the cool water in swimming pool feels like a much-required respite. Whether you are a summer person or not you can take measures to beat the heat during this sweltering season. Firstly, opt for light cotton clothes that absorb excess sweat and keep you cool. Hydration is necessary too. Drink at least 10 glasses of water each day.

 However, avoid drinking too many cold, fizzy drinks. Although they are quite refreshing, they are high in sugar which could add to your weight and health issues. And while exercise is necessary to keep the body in the right shape, don’t overexert yourself. Maintain your exercise regimes in mornings or evenings. It is also essential to take care of your diet. Take seasonal fruits such as watermelon which is high in water and electrolytes and can balance your body’s hydration. Also, remember to use sunscreen adequately. As such, summer season can be pleasant and agreeable if steps are taken to manage the heat.  

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