British actor Jamie Bacon, Pradeep Khadka team up for ‘Eklo’


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, May 23: British actor Jamie Bacon and Nepali actor Pradeep Khadka have teamed up for director Pradeep Shahi’s Nepali international sci-fi zombie thriller film ‘Eklo’  in the lead roles. 

Hollywood actor and writer Bacon is best known for his roles in the 2020 Netflix films ‘White Lines’, ‘Brighton’, ‘Father Brown’, ‘The Hoarder’, and ‘Into The Mirror’. Taking to a social networking site, director Shahi announced that British actor Jamie Bacon would star in their Nepali international sci-fi zombie thriller alongside actor Khadka. 

He wrote, “I am super proud to announce that talented British actor Jamie Bacon will be starring in our Nepali international sci-fi zombie thriller. We are fortunate to have his talent and presence in our film. Also, congratulations to Pradeep Khadka for making headlines in the Hollywood press. Lastly, this marks an important step in establishing Nepal as a strong location for international production. Good things are coming soon.”

This news has featured actor Khadka in many international news outlets. 

Apart from Khadka, Benisha Hamal, Vijay Lama, Deeya Pun, Kavita Nepali, and Sunil Thapa will be playing in the film.

Actor Khadka is currently promoting his upcoming film ‘Pujar Sarki’ along with actors Aaryan Sigdel, Paul Shah, Anjana Baraili.

 ‘ Pujar Sarki’  directed by Dinesh Raut is scheduled to be released in the cinema halls on Thursday. 

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