Local Service Act discussed in Lumbini Provincial Assembly


By Diwakar Pokharel,Deukhuri, May 22: After the government of Lumbini Province tabled the Bill prepared to regulate the formation, operation and conditions of service for the Lumbini Province Local Service, a theoretical discussion on the Bill was completed on Monday. 

The discussion began after Chief Minister Jokh Bahadur Mahara’s proposal for a theoretical discussion was unanimously endorsed by the Provincial Assembly.

During the 6th meeting of the 4th session held on Monday, the members of the Provincial Assembly stated that local employees should be familiar with the Local Service Act while airing their opinions in the theoretical discussion.

While participating in the discussion, Provincial Assembly member Tulsi Prasad Chaudhary stated that the Bill should include provisions for the career development, transfer and promotion of local-level employees.

Provincial Assembly member Indrajit Tharu stated that given the local government’s current failure to utilise the rights granted by the constitution, provisions for competent staff management should be included in the Bill.

He mentioned that although the Constitution of Nepal grants 22 rights to local people, these rights are not being implemented.

Similarly, Provincial Assembly member Bhuwaneshra Chaudhary stated that it was not feasible to discuss the important Bill during the budget session. “This is a Bill that should have come first; it is a highly essential Bill. However, because it was introduced hastily, I have observed that the members are placing more emphasis on the budget than on the bill. All the members of the Provincial Assembly should take an interest in it,” he added.

Participating in the discussions, Provincial Assembly member Bir Bahadur Rana stated that the plans sent from the province could not be fully implemented due to a lack of manpower at the local level.

He said, “Due to the lack of staff at the local level, the desired results have not been achieved. The Bill should include provisions that address the needs of the local level and motivate the staff.”

In response to the questions raised by the members of the Provincial Assembly during the discussion, Chief Minister Mahara assured that the shortage of staff at the provincial and local levels would be promptly addressed and resolved.

He stated that he had instructed the officials of the Public Service Commission to address the issue of staff shortage and emphasised that the Bill to regulate the formation, operation, and conditions of service in the provincial local service is currently in the process of being presented and passed in the House.

Chief Minister Mahara emphasised, “This Bill has been necessitated by the shortage of staff at the local level. Let's work to improve the law. The budget allocated should be utilised effectively and appropriately. Our focus should be on this. We have no excuse for any delays.”

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