Pressure horns removed from 110 large vehicles to control noise pollution


By Our Correspondent,Dalkebar, May 18: The District Traffic Police Office, Dhanusha, has removed pressure horns from 110 large vehicles. 

The traffic police stated that the action was taken as part of a noise pollution control campaign.

Hari Bahadur Oli, Inspector, of the District Traffic Police Office, Dhanusha, said that the pressure horns were removed from vehicles causing noise pollution in market areas. 

"Traffic police under the District Traffic Police Office conducted checks on large vehicles in various parts of the district and removed the pressure horns as part of the enforcement action," said Oli.

Inspector Oli added that they removed pressure horns from vehicles that had modified the horns and produced large sounds in school zones, market areas, and main commercial centres." 

He further stated that if pressure horns are reinstalled again after being removed, fines will be imposed.

Removing pressure horns is also aimed at reducing road accidents, as loud pressure horns can cause pedestrians, cyclists, patients, and students to panic and rush to cross the road, leading to more accidents.

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