Communication, IT issues included in Govt Policy, Programme


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 14: A host of issues pertaining to the communication and information technology (IT) sector has been included in the government policy and programme unveiled today.

The government policy and programme for the upcoming fiscal year of 2081/2082 BS that President Ramchandra Paudel unveiled at the joint meeting of the federal parliament today includes legal and institutional provision for effective and safe use of communication and information technology and system, refinement of digital Nepal framework, restructuring of agencies related to IT for making service delivery effective.

As per the policy, national strategy for artificial intelligence will be prepared and feasibility study conducted for its use.

Laws will be formulated for individual data security and electronic governance. Citizen Service Center will be brought to operation to ensure public services provided by different agencies are accessible and available from one spot.

Broad band internet will be expanded and its services will be made qualitative, easily available and safe, according to the policy.

Satellite-based internet service will be started in remote regions.

Access to information technology of women, marginalized and backward class, region and community will be expanded through digital literacy programmes.

Work for establishing Nepal's own satellite will be forwarded. Standard for formation and operation of data center will be prepared.

National Knowledge Park on IT will be established.

IT system uses of public agencies will be made safe and reliable by determining the standards of IT system to be used by them.

Policy will be made to prioritise the use of domestically developed software in public agencies while efforts will be made to produce system and software by public sector for the use in the public agencies.

Upcoming decade will be IT decade for attaining socio-economic transformation and prosperity. Nepal will be developed as the global IT hub and at least 5,000 jobs will be generated in the IT work station to be established in Kathmandu and appropriate places of all the provinces.

Arrangement for security press will be made within the country to print passports, driving licenses and others.

Policy, legal and structural reform will be made for commercial development of public communication sector while rural journalism based on mother tongue will be promoted, as per the government policy. Use of social media will be made dignified and well-managed.

Policy will be taken to establish and operate Communication Park in all seven provinces. Krishna Sen Communication Park will be established in Dang in cooperation with Lumbini Provincial government.

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