Nepal-India Jamunaha border closed for three days


By Siraj Khan,Nepalgunj, May 12: The Nepal-India Jamunaha border has been closed for three days starting from Friday night due to the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to take place on May 13 in the Baharaich district of Uttar Pradesh, which shares a border with Banke district.

The District Administration Office Banke has announced that the border will be closed for three days starting from midnight on Friday due to the elections. This decision is made considering the open border and the possibility of increased security challenges during the electoral process.

Jora Singh Majhi, Acting Chief District Officer of Banke, said that the Jamunaha border will be closed from midnight on Friday night till midnight on Monday.

He said that despite the border closure, groups of Nepalis who unknowingly returned from India were brought back to Nepal on Saturday.

According to Majhi, emergency services, including ambulances, will be permitted to cross the border in coordination with security personnel from both countries during the closure period. It has been said that Nepalis returning from India will also be allowed to enter until Sunday, given the large number of people gathered.

Similarly, the District Administration Office Banke has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in the border areas of the two countries since Friday night. In preparation for the Lok Sabha elections and to enhance security measures, security personnel from both countries have been conducting joint patrols in the border area for some time before the closure of the border. 

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