Rai to focus more on music


Kathmandu, May 4: Singer-composer Chetan Rai’s passion for music ignited during his school days.

After his SLC in Salyan, he arrived in Kathmandu to pursue a formal education in music. 

Born in 1978 in Salyan, Khalanga, he embarked on his singing career in 1997 by releasing his first album, ‘Seven’ in 2010, followed by ‘Sound’ in 2015.

Following the release of his second album in 2015, he went to Japan, where he recorded multiple tracks.

 While staying in Japan, he returned to Nepal and recorded his third album, ‘Step’ in 2019, and ‘Stage’ in 2022.

 With a repertoire exceeding 50 songs, Rai’s musical heritage is deeply rooted with familial ties to singing dating back to his grandfather, father and uncle, who were revered vocalists in their village. 

Even though he specialised in modern and pop genres, he would call himself a versatile singer who lent his voice to folk songs to patriotic songs.

 Rai spent seven years in Japan but now intends to remain rooted in his homeland. 

Despite this, he has showcased his talent internationally, performing in Dubai last year and scheduling a concert in Canada for October. 

His debut track, ‘Yek Dui Tin Ramailo Chha Yo Din’ marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to music. Rai’s dedication to his art is unwavering, stating, “Now I want to devote my life to music.”

 Notable compositions include ‘Yek Dui Tin Ramailo Chha Din’ and ‘Timi Dhun Bhan Ma Geet Gaauchhu’. 

 Furthermore, he plans to release a patriotic anthem in May or June. Rai holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Nepal Fine Art College. 

Mentored by esteemed singers Udaya Sotang and Prabhuraj Dhakal, he has also ventured into film composition and garnered accolades such as the ‘Rapti Music Award’, ‘Music Khabar Award’, ‘Sagarmatha Music Award’ and so on. 

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