Two students in Dhading build an electric car


Murari Adhikari,Dhading, Apr. 24: Two students of Ranipauwa Secondary School from ward no. 1 of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Dhading, have made an electric car collecting materials from the scrap.

Saurabh Basaula and Sushil Adhikari, both currently studying in the tenth grade, have made an electric car. 

Most of the materials used in the care are locally available materials, but some equipment was bought from the nearby market. 

They said that they prepared the car spending Rs. 70,000 in two weeks.

"We began working on building the vehicle after our final exams of grade 9. We used the part of the car that was in a broken-down state in the garage and finally made our electric car,” they said.

The rural municipality, parents and the school supported Saurav's and Sushil's endeavours.

Powered by two 12-volt batteries the car was made with metal. Sushil said, “We have made this effort to showcase our capabilities along with our knowledge.”

Ranipauwa Secondary School has earned the trust of parents after these two students made a breakthrough.

Saurab said the car is currently a three-seater and can carry up to two quintals load. While the car currently has 2 batteries, it will be able to carry more load if more batteries are added. 

Tripurasundari Rural Municipality’s chair, Raju Upreti attended the unveiling ceremony and said he was impressed with the student’s effort. He said the rural municipality would support the aspiring with whatever it can, to help them achieve their dreams.

He also added that the rural municipality would cover the entire cost of the car. 

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