Sanjhya Sahitya celebrates 'best poem announcement'


BY A STAFF REPORTER,Kathmandu, Apr. 5: On the occasion of new year of Bikram Sambat, twenty-two poets announced their best poems and recited them amid a crowded function organised by Sanjhya Sahitya at  Naya Thimi in Bhaktapur.

At the monthly serial being held at Bitez and Binz Cafe, Sanjhya generally presents three poets of different generations but it presents special series now and then. “This time, we wanted to present a distinct function,” member of Sanjhya Sahitya Nabin Prakash Shrestha said.

Before reciting, the poets spoke  on their own poems.

Senior poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma announced Khola (The Stream) as one of his best poems. “I love all of my poems, so I cannot choose the best. Any poem may be only one of the best ones,” he said. Likewise, Biplov Dhakal chose 'Nyauli Royo Nirmaya' as one of his best creations . “It is changeable. What I took  as the best yesterday may not be the same today. And today's best may not last for the future as well,” he disclosed.

Amar Aakash was of a bit different opinion from others. “I cannot love all of my poems equally. What I took as marvelous one yesterday may become good-for-nothing today,” said he. Aakash chose Messiah Puppy as one of his dear poems. He hesitated to announce his own poem as the best one.

Ram Gopal Ashutosh recited 'Oh Meera, You Made Me  Another Balmiki'. Ashutosh connected the theological anecdote magnificently to the present-day love story. For Rami Priya, Uchai (The Height) was one of her dear poems. The hypothetically spontaneous poem called readers  to free from the illusion.

Avaya Shrestha chose  Sandeha (Doubt) as one of his best poems. “It is one of my best, not because it is widely quoted and widely familiar among poetry lovers, but also it delivers a thought that  doubt is the mother of every wisdom,” he announced.

Bishwa Sigdel said that what he repeatedly recites is the best of his poems. He chose Nango Sabun (The Naked Soap) as the best. Sanjay Suman recited his poem Bidroha Sabhya Hunchha (The Rebellion Is Civilised) as his best one while Spriha (The Passion) was Bharati Neupane's choice as her best one. 

Rima KC chose  Kurne Aadat (Habit of  Waiting) as one of her best while Laxmi Thapa picked 'Dar'. Uday Niraula recited Dhukur Jodi ( A Pair of Doves) and Samishran Dhara chose Ma Mandir Janna (I Don't Go to  Temple). Aama Ta Aakash (Mother Is  The Sky) was Nandu Upreti's choice while Kanchan Gr recited Jindagiko Pakshyama (I Am For  Life).

Ishwar Thokar recited 'Bhaktapur' and Padma Aryal chose Ghazal. 

Nabin Prakash Shrestha origninally writes in Nepal Bhasa but this time he recited in Nepali titled Ranga Bigyan (Science of  Colour). Likewise, another Nepal Bhasa poet Rajani Mila depicted the tragedy of love in the time of ultra capitalism in her poem Man, Maya Ra Manchhe which mentioned that the beloved ones give tears to their honeys and take away their eyes.

Bhupendra Mahat recited Pet (The Stomach) while Mahesh Karki spoke the voice of voiceless people in his poem Hali Ko Madal (The Madal of a  Ploughman).

“We are planning to publish an anthology of best poems announced here which, we hope, may be the representative voice of Nepali poets ,” member of Sanjhya Sahitya Ashutosh disclosed.

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