Rastrakalyan Maha Yagya at Sitaram Temple in Gulmi from April 17


Photo: TRN Glimpses of Sitaram temple in Gulmi.

By Our Correspondent,Gulmi, Apr. 13: Preparations for Rastrakalyan Maha Yagya (Nation Welfare Mega Worship) at Sitaram temple in Gulmi are going on with zeal and zest.

The organising committee has said that Shri Ram Katha and Hanuman Chalisa will be recited in Rastrakalyan Mahayagya on the premises of Sitaram temple built for Rs. 10 million in Bhuwane Park, Ramche Danda located on the border of Resunga Municipality-13 and Gulmidurbar Rural Municipality-3. 

Subba Basnet, one of the builders of the temple and a resident of Gulmidurbar Municipality-3, said that the locals of the village were conducting Maha Yagya for the protection of the historical temple and to increase people's faith in god and for the overall welfare of the state. 

The Maha Yagya will be held from April 17-23. Basnet said that the Sitaram Temple Management Committee has taken all the responsibility for the function. Likewise, the Public Welfare Service Institute AB Ram Janki Balika Ashram, Devghat has supported the Maha Yagya. 

Umamaheswari and Radhika Lokalyankari will recite Shree Ram Katha and Hanuman Chalisa and conduct storytelling on different gods and their beliefs.  

Basnet said that the money collected from the Maha Yagya would be utilised for the development of the religious place of Resunga and 10 per cent of the collected amount be given to the poor.

Swami Vivekananda inaugurated the Sitaram temple on the occasion of Ram Navami, and many tourists have started visiting the temple due to its historical importance. 

Basnet said that the temple was built in the place where Lord Ram left his steep when he went to Resunga during the Treta Yuga. The Maha Yagya will be performed every year in this temple, said the organising committee.

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