Lumbini Province CM Mahara wins vote of confidence


By Diwakar Pokharel, Deukhuri, Mar 12: Chief Minister of the Lumbini Province Jokh Bahadur Mahara has secured the vote of confidence in the Lumbini Province Assembly.

In Thursday's meeting of the province assembly, he secured 48 votes in favour of his proposal seeking a vote of confidence out of the 86 provincial members.

29 provincial assembly members from CPN UML, 10 from CPN (Maoist Centre), 3 from Janata Samjwadi, 4 from Nagarik Unmukti, and one each from Unified Socialist and Independent have cast vote in favour of the Mahara's proposal. 

Speaker Tularam Gharti Magar has declared that CM Mahara secured the vote of confidence by getting 48 votes. 

28 provincial assembly members comprising from Nepali Congress, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, and Janamat among others have cast a vote against the Mahara. 

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