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Do you also experience a unique sensation, a sort of emotion, when you embrace Friday as a day of tranquility? As humans, we grapple with uncertainty about the future when life unfolds its enchanting phenomena in the natural realm. For me, Friday resonates with enjoyment, offering reassurance of a non-chaotic day ahead and a reprieve from student life's complexities. Despite the mysteries it evokes, Friday provides a cherished sense of security. 

Conversely, Saturday breeds gloom and greyness, emblematic of our insecurities about the future's uncertainties, pressuring us to mentally prepare.
This contrast between Fridays and Saturdays reflects our human experience: craving comfort, security, a bright future, and a relaxed life without toil. On one such blissful Friday, after extra classes ended, I walked home beaming, the happiest soul alive at that moment. 

I spotted a girl, aged between 10 and 13, stepping out of her house for school. With neatly parted hair adorned with white ribbons, a white shirt and brownish skirt ensemble complemented by a tie and black shoes, and her face etched with confusion and grief, she carried a bag almost half her height. I continued walking, and my mind was flooded with many questions. 

Why the melancholy? What could have caused her eyes to well up? Abruptly, a voice from a nearby balcony shattered the silence, "Don't dare ruin this exam, you idiot!" Her mother's harsh words provided clarity, invoking a pang of sorrow within me. For a fleeting moment, I wished to alleviate her burden and share her sorrow as a profound act of empathy and connection. 

Yet, reality struck, life's inequities cannot be so simply resolved. That stark realisation served as a sobering reminder that life is neither fair nor equitable, and Fridays do not bring comfort to all. My euphoric delusion was shattered, replaced by a raw confrontation with actuality.

That was the moment I collided with reality from the illusion, i.e., the moment where we were intersecting paths. In that poignant moment, a profound revelation washed over me like a tidal wave. It dawned on me that I had been living in a delusion, a cocoon of misconceptions that was keeping me away from the raw truths of life. 

The sudden realisation of insight broke the false belief that I had in my 16 years of existence of extraordinary or superhuman capabilities. The realisation struck me with clarity, I am just an individual grappling with my challenges. 

There's no magical intervention; each person must confront their struggles from within. This made me think deeply about the complex workings of the cosmos and ponder the mysterious question of how the universe truly operates. It was the moment I realised Fridays and Saturdays aren’t the same for all the individuals, it isn’t as comforting as I think for all. 

My idea of a good day might not align with her perception, as what I find enjoyable could be the very same day she sees as depressive. When we crossed the point of intersection, not just our bodies crossed against each other; it was also our faith, destiny, and universe crossing each other. The reality of the tension she's about to face is what will shape the path ahead for her.

Likewise, just like a mirror, life shows us who we are. The difficulties we encounter right now are like a reflection, revealing the person we are growing into. It's a reminder that our present challenges shape the individuals we become. 

Despite her world being in turmoil and internal grief, the unyielding reality is that the impending exam remains constant. It gradually made my perceptions clear that the crucial aspect at this moment is not the outcome, but rather how she confronts the exam despite the distress and sorrow. 

Even if the results are insignificant, what truly counts is the resilience and courage one takes to tackle life's challenges and obstacles. Had her mom not imposed pressure on her at the last minute, perhaps she would have been less saddened. I also got my answer to the question at the beginning. 

Fridays and Saturdays aren’t the same for everyone. I reached home, and I had an entirely new inquiry about life, the universe, and the purpose of my existence. It was Saturday the other day. 

Grade: XII, UN College and 

Navodaya +2

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