Nepal-Pakistan Friendship T20 Cricket Tournament from tomorrow


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Mar. 1: The 9th edition of the Nepal-Pakistan Friendship Embassy T20 Cricket Tournament is beginning from tomorrow, March 2.

The games will go on till 10 March and a total of 12 clubs will play the matches, according to the Embassy of Pakistan in Nepal.

Matches will be played at Pakistan Embassy Ground next to Shanka Park, Kathmandu.

The Embassy of Pakistan annually organises T20 Cricket Tournament in Kathmandu. Twelve teams play in two pools leading to two semifinals and a grand final. Registered cricket clubs of Nepal and a team of Pakistan Embassy participate in the tournament.

The tournament has gained much popularity among the cricketing community of Nepal and fans. The 9th Edition of the tournament is being held from 2 to 10 March 2024 including an opening ceremony preceding the first match and a closing ceremony following the final.

Several renowned players have played this prestigious tournament in the past; some of them rising later as members of National Under-19 and National Team itself.

Diplomatic community, cricket bodies and general public view the tournament in sizeable numbers. Matches will also be broadcast on sports channel and social media platforms, according to the Embassy.

The list of the clubs playing in the tournament:

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