Radio Nepal launches news and programme broadcast in Bajjika language


Kathmandu, Feb 13: Radio Nepal has launched news and programme broadcast in the Bajjika language from today, coinciding with the World Radio Day.

Radio Nepal that is on air 24/7 had been broadcasting news in 21 languages and programmes in 20 languages before this.     

Bajjika language speakers' population is concentrated mainly in Rautahat, Bara, Sarlahi among the districts of the Madhes province. The population of Bajjika speakers in Nepal is nearly one million and 133 thousand as per the latest census. Bajjika is spoken by most number of people in the Madhes province after Maithili and Bhojpuri languages. It is in the sixth place among all languages spoken in Nepal in terms of the number of speakers.     

Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Ram Krishna Subedi inaugurated the Radio Nepal's Bajjika language news and programme broadcast.     

On the occasion, Secretary Subedi, who is also the Chair of Radio Broadcasting Service Development Committee, said the government bodies also need to adopt the characteristics of an inclusive state.     

Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) central president Bipul Pokharel maintained that the local people's ownership towards the State media will increase with the broadcasting of news and programmes in their mother tongue.     

Executive Chair of Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), Dharmendra Jha, called on the State to pay attention to the development and promotion of all languages spoken in the nation.     

Radio Nepal's Executive Director Buddhi Bahadur KC said Radi Nepal is a model of an inclusive media in terms of languages, content and human resources.     

Radio Nepal has expanded its broadcasting services throughout the country via its provincial broadcasting offices in all seven provinces and 32 FM relay stations, including three broadcasting centres.     

KC said Radio Nepal's reach has reached to 93 percent of the country's population. He said works are being carried out to expand its reach to cent per cent citizens and territory.(RSS)

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