A year passes sans legislation in Sudurpashim Province


Sudurpashim, Jan 21: The Sudurpashim Province Assembly marked the completion of one year of its business since the last general election, but sans any legislation. There were only amendments to two existing acts over this period.     

According to Province Assembly Secretariat's information officer, Yubraj Jaishi, in one year, the PA revised two acts: Some Public Documents Authentication (Procedure) Act and the Sudurpashim Economic Act, but made no new act.     

 During the first five-year term of the PA, it had successfully formulated 67 acts.     

Speaking at a programme on 'Sudurpashim Province Assembly Day 2080' in Dhangadhi on Sunday, the speakers admitted the lackadaisical performance of the Province Assembly over the past six years.     

Province Chief Devraj Joshi said the performance of the Province Assembly should be reviewed being based on the people's mandate while PA Speaker Bhim Bahadur Bhandari underlined the need of resisting 'conspiracies' against the federal democratic system.     

In the Sudurpashim Province, the Province Assembly Day is observed in the 7th of Magh in commemoration of the day when its members first took oath six years ago on January 21, 2018. (RSS)

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