Will save country from turning into old age home: DPM Shrestha


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Jan 18: Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs has expressed his commitment that the government will save the country from turning it into an old age home with a horde of youths flying out to foreign lands. 

Addressing the 24th anniversary of the Independent Power Producers Association Nepal (IPPAN), Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha said that under no circumstances will the country be in a position to be proud of being the chair among the least developed countries. 

He pointed out that there is a need to accommodate a new way of working to bring the youths who have gone abroad back home. 

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha informed that the government is moving in the direction of reducing the trade deficit by increasing production, import substitution and exports. 

He said that the government is currently working on the development process at a new and rapid pace. The government is working on making good governance effective and making the economy active. 

 “We have made some progress in bringing the country's economy into line, however, we still need to make more milestones on that. We are not in a situation to sit idly by being satisfied by what we have achieved as we have lagged in one point. We do not pride in becoming the chair of underdeveloped countries. We will save the country from the risk of becoming an old age home since many youths are flying out to foreign countries. We know that the commitment will not be fulfilled with basic effort. We need to move forward in a new way. While moving towards that direction, we are now thinking that we should go in the direction of increasing production, replacing imports and reducing trade deficit by increasing exports. We are determined that the current speed should be accelerated,” He said. 

According to him, only when we can lead the country in the direction of increasing production, employment opportunities, and decreasing trade deficit, then we can lay the foundation to sustain youths in the country. This is the time we walk the talk.  

He pointed out that it is necessary to leap by working together, the government, agencies of government and private sectors. 

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