Special transformation campaign successful in raising new hopes: PM Prachanda


By Avinash Chaudhari, Dhanagadhi, Dec. 8: Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has assessed that the party's special transformation campaign has been successful in triggering new hopes in the people.

PM Prachanda made the remarks addressing a programme related to the same campaign at Ghasita village in Dhanagadhi sub-metropolitan-16.

He said that the campaign was initiated in response to the increasing number of people's complaints that the ruling Maoist party has failed to work as per people's expectations.

"This campaign has reached its final phase. We will launch another similar programme after holding a charter convention once this campaign is over," he said.

The Maoist Center Chairman made it a point that the special campaign has created a situation wherein leaders from the East are taking up responsibility in the West and those from Madesh in the hilly areas.

He said the ongoing campaign has also reinvigorated the bonds of the families of the injured in the people's war, martyrs, those made to disappear with the party.

PM Prachanda said that he was attending the ward-level programme as per his commitment to reaching at least a ward in all seven provinces to listen to the people.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister said that his visits to India, the USA, and China were for garnering international support and assistance for Nepal's development.

Responding to the locals, PM Prachanda said that he is positive for enlisting the construction of Phapla cricket stadium as a national pride project, developing Behadababa temple as a religious tourism area and making Jarkhor Lake a picnic spot. Similarly, he pledged to make maximum effort to blacktop the 15-km road from Dhanagadhi-15 to Banakati, a concrete motor bridge over Shivaganga River, a bridge over Guraha River for linking Simarana, Koilahi and Gadariya.

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