18,000 youths migrated from Sindhupalchowk last FY


By Our Correspondent,Sindhupalchowk, Nov. 20: About 18,000 youths have migrated abroad for employment from Sindhupalchowk in the last fiscal year alone.

According to the statistics released by the Safer Migration Project of the total youths 8000 of them are women, and 90 per cent of the women who went abroad for employment from Sindhupalchowk belong to indigenous community. They have been working as a domestic help in countries like Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia and Jordan.

Psychosocial consultant Nirmala Shrestha said that working condition and pay is not satisfactory, but, in the current fiscal year as well the number of people going abroad for employment in these countries has not dropped. 

She said, “There has been surge in the number of complains women migrant workers that emanates from the hardships they face in those countries.”

Shrestha said that due to the lack of language, skills and knowledge women had to face problems of various kinds. 

He said that some of them complained of mental problems.

Shrestha said that women who had gone abroad through brokers faced more trouble in trouble.

The number of complaints from women who became stranded and captive has increased.

According to the Organisations of Immigrants, 44-year-old Sersang Lama and 40-year-old Yangzhen Sherpa from Bahrabise Municipality were held captive in South America.

The organisation said that they have been held captive in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago for the past five years.

Last July, news was published depicting their plight, but the human trafficking investigation bureau of the police has not yet been able to rescue them.

The situation of those who went abroad for employment is critical. However, the excitement of youth to go abroad for employment has not decreased.

People from Sindupalchowk going abroad for employment has not dropped although the news about them facing various kinds of hardships make the headline of the news. 

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