Kanchanpur district bans plastics


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Bedkot (Kanchanpur), Nov 10: The district administration office, Kanchanpur has banned the use of plastic weighing less than 40 microns. It has also banned the sale and distribution of plastic-made garlands.

In response to the increasing use of garlands made up of plastics during festivals and programmes, the district administration banned its use, according to assistant chief district officer Dharma Raj Joshi.

He argued that flowers, garlands and bouquets made up of plastics are used rife, resulting in pollution and affecting the market of flowers produced by the local farmers.

Issuing a notice on the gazette on July 28 early this year, the government banned the production, import, storage, sales and distribution of plastic bags weighing less than 40 microns. In line with this, the local administration took this decision. (RSS)

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