Security expert Thapa claims Nepal as largest net contributor to global security


Kathmandu, Nov 7: Security expert Chiran Jung Thapa has said Nepal is the largest net contributor to the global security architecture because it has directly contributed to the security architecture of five nuclear States.     

Giving his personal viewpoints at the 'Chanakya Dialogue', an international programme on security, held in New Delhi recently, Thapa as the key note speaker claimed this.     

According to him, Nepal is contributing to the security architecture of 68 other countries around the world and thousands of others are serving in the maritime domain to keep the shipping lanes safe. It is the 2nd largest troop contributing country for UN Peace Keeping Mission. Cumulatively, Nepal's contribution to the global security architecture remains unrivalled.     

Congratulating India for successfully organising the G-20 summit, he said why Nepal was not included in the Summit. He also applauded India for its recent successful launch of the 'Chandrayaan' and rise into the ranks of great Space Power.     

"Since Chanakya’s Arthshastra is a strategy to acquire power and retain power, it is pertinent to discuss a bit about power. First, power has never been a permanent feature of any state or society as even the empires have risen and fallen and some disappeared altogether," he argued.     

As he said, Nepal remains as the significant contributor to both security and economy of India. "For security – the Gurkha regiment with 40,000 and another 50,000 in other security services. There are also 30,000 in the administrative services."     

He echoed the need of further consolidating the bilateral ties subsisting since centuries between the two countries.     

The event was inaugurated by Indian Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and it was attended by senior military officers from various countries in the world. Working papers on various topics concerning security, diplomatic relations in the Asia and other nations were presented and discussed in the event. (RSS)

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