Enlightenment of Li Dazhao to youths in China


Huazhong Tu, Heng Wu & Zhiling Zhao

 Li Dazhao, who was born in the late Qing Dynasty, was a pioneer of the new-democratic revolutionary movement in China and one of the main leader who advancing China's understanding of the world. Li Dazhao was born in what was then still a relatively impoverished countryChina. Li Dazhao, however, was committed to serving the country and made unremitting efforts to bring about the liberation of the Chinese nation. He made remarkable contributions to the interactions between China and the world while adhering to the demands of the times and taking the initiative to expand ties with the outside world in China. He was a brilliant leader of China's new-democratic movement who gave his life to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the Chinese people, earning him a prestigious place in the country's contemporary history. 

On October 29, 1889, Li Dazhao was born in Leting County, Hebei Province. His grandfather reared him after he lost his parents when he was a small child. He had a remarkable capacity for learning even as a young child. He spent nine years as a private school student, where he excelled academically and was assiduous and studious. He later enrolled in Yongping House Middle School for further study, where he was exposed to the cutting edge of western scientific and cultural knowledge as well as the reform ideologies of Liang Qichao, Kang Yongwei, and other figures.   He was motivated and resolved to find a path for the future career of the people in China. Since then, Li Dazhao chose to study in Japan and study political science at Tokyo's Waseda University. He called on the Chinese people to unit and put in a lot of effort for the country's future while actively studying cutting-edge scientific and cultural knowledge. He vigorously engaged in the new-democratic revolutionary movement after his return from Japan and opposed the antiquated feudal ethical code system, both of which contributed significantly to China's social advancement. In 1917, Li Dazhao came to understand the significance of the Chinese people striving for a new future due to the ongoing evolution and transformation of the global framework. As a result, Li Dazhao played an important leading role in the new-democratic revolutionary movement sincn then. He put greater effort into studying and disseminating cutting-edge scientific and cultural information, as well as methodically articulating his ideals and worldview.

Li Dazhao is an exceptional leader who is influential in the new-democratic revolutionary movement. In his early years, he was determined to serving the country, made unremitting efforts to liberate the Chinese nation, and pointed out a new direction for China. The accomplishments of Li Dazhao are not limited to China. He has also made significant contribution to international affairs and China's overseas exchanges. He interacted with numerous Japanese academics and gained access to cutting-edge scientific and cultural information while studying in Japan. In addition to organising the print of many books and publishing articles, he actively participated in a variety of local activities, which promoted the advanced scientific and cultural knowledge of the Chinese people. These experiences gave him a comprehensive awareness of both the domestic and global landscapes and established the groundwork for his future ideas and deeds.

A nation's future lies with its youth. Li Dazhao popularised sophisticated scientific, technological, and cultural information for the masses and young people in China, while also encouraging youth to study more. Mr. Li Dazhao dedicated his life to advancing the new-democratic revolutionary movement in China. His remarkable accomplishments, significant contributions to international exchanges, and influence over the new-democratic revolutionary movement helped him to establish a prestigious position in both China and the world. His thoughts and theories helped more developing nations advance while also providing a strong basis for the growth of China's new-democratic revolutionary movement. His spirit and thoughts will continue to inspire future generations of young people and the youth will work hard to promote the modernization of China.

Young people in China were inspired to pursue independence, autonomy, and innovation by Mr. Li Dazhao's deeds. When he was younger, he was determined to study hard for national independence and development. This spirit of pursuing national independence and autonomy has important enlightenment for China’ globalisation. Young people in China should adhere to Mr. Li Dazhao's concept, study and master cutting-edge science and technology, knowledge, and managerial experience, so as to promote China to take on a more important role in the global stage. They ought to be fearless in their inventiveness, foster advancements in science, technology, and the economy, and establish the groundwork for China to actively participate in global governance.

 Mr. Li Dazhao's enlightenment highlights the value of internationalism and collaboration. He advocated people to band together and work hard for the national interests of his country. China and Nepal are cordial neighbours, and China has experienced poverty and backwardness. China additionally hopes that Nepal can get rid of poverty and backwardness and attain a favourable development outcome as soon as possible. In light of this, Li Dazhao's spirit helps to advance China's collaboration with its neighbouring countries and Nepalese countries. Under the guidance of Mr. Li Dazhao's spirit, Young people in China should actively engage in international affairs and promote exchanges and cooperation with neighbouring countries as well as Nepalese countries. We can collectively confront global challenges and achieve regional peace and prosperity by bolstering people-to-people exchanges, political dialogue, and mutually beneficial and win-win economic collaboration.

As a friendly neighbor of China, Nepal and China have great potential for cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields. Young people in China ought to inherit and carry forward Mr. Li Dazhao's advocacy of international friendship and cooperation, actively participate in Sino-Nepalese exchange programs, and promote the in-depth development of bilateral relations. By strengthening political mutual trust, economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, China youth can make positive contributions to the consolidation and deepening of Sino-Nepalese friendly relations.  Mr. Li Dazhao's enlightenment to the younger generation in China plays an important role in promoting China's going global and strengthening cooperation with neighboring countries such as Nepal. The younger generation in China should inherit and uphold the spirit of Mr. Li Dazhao, exhibit courage in pursuing autonomy, independence, and innovation, and make positive contributions to regional stability and prosperity by actively participating in international affairs and strengthening cooperation with neighboring countries and Nepalese countries. 

(Huazhong Tu, Heng Wu & Zhiling Zhao, Scholars Southwest University of Political Science and Law, P. R. China.)

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