Bill to amend and integrate laws relating to education registered in HoR


Kathmandu, Sept 13: After a long wait, the Government of Nepal has registered the Bill to amend and integrate laws related to education in the House of Representatives today.     

 After the passage from the Council of Ministers, the Bill has been registered for the proper management of schools after formulating the national standards for the establishment and operations of schools. After the registration, the Bill will be put on the website of the Federal Parliament Secretariat.     

The management of schools will be made clear and transparent in the Bill. Establishment and addition of classes for private investment schools should be approved as per the recommendation by the local level, and private schools will charge fees within the subjects and limits set by the local level. Public schools cannot charge fees.     

The new private schools will be operated under the Guthi (Board of Trustee) while the private schools that are in operation are not forced to operate under the Guthi. Chairperson of school management committee will be selected from among parents. Similarly, facilities have been managed for school employees.(RSS)

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