Nepalgunj to implement ‘Local Government with Poor’ scheme


By Our Correspondent,Nepalgunj, Sept.10: Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City, in Banke district, is launching ‘Local Government with Poor’ programme.  Its draft has already been prepared.

Mayor Prashant Bista said, “This programme is being launched to bring economically inactive manpower into business activities.” To execute the programme, working procedure is needed, the programme will be conducted after working procedures for the operation of ‘Local Government with Poor, 2023’ programme is authenticated and is published in Nepal Gazette.

Krishna Prasad Joshi, the head of social development branch of the sub-metropolis, said the working procedures will be executed after being approved by the meeting of the sub-metropolis and published in Nepalgunj Gazette.

The draft of the working procedures has been handed over to Kaushal Kumar Dhobi, the coordinator of social development committee, by working procedures modification committee.

The meeting held by the social development committee on August 10 decided to form taskforce consisting Laxman Barma and Bina Thapa as members and Joshi as member secretary of working procedures modification committee.

The task force was given the time of 15 days and the draft of ‘Local Government with Poor’ is submitted to the Mayor by the coordinator of the social development committee.

The draft will be presented to the executive body of the sub-metropolis and will be published in Nepal Gazette after being approved by the executive body.

The poor and disadvantaged people living in Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City will be made involved in business activities. Deputy Mayor, Kamaruddin Rai said, “The programme will give loan to the poor and disadvantaged to start productive business to make them involved in business activities based on newest technology, knowledge and skill they possess.”

He further added, ‘Local Government with Poor’ programme is important to promote good governance by economic transformation and to materialise the dream of prosperity envisioned by the dwellers of Nepalgunj.

This programme is expected to improve the economic condition of poor and unemployed in Nepalgunj Sub- Metropolitan City.

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