LDT official acknowledges lack of transparency


By Our Correspondent,Bhairahawa, Sept. 9: Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) Dr. Lharkyal Lama has admitted that the Trust lacks financial transparency.

Talking to journalists in Lumbini on Thursday, Lama worried that LDT was acquiring a reputation of a financial opaque organisation, not just nationally but also internationally, and instructed all staff members to maintain fiscal discipline. 

He also complained that listlessness among LDT's staff had affected the region's development and hampered the implementation of the Lumbini master plan.

Insisting that he did not come to Lumbini to earn money, Lama said that his only aim was to contribute to the development of this sacred site.

Reminding everyone that he had pledged to donate Rs. 70 million of his personal money for the reconstruction of the Mayadevi Temple, he said that he would make the amount available soon.

Lama also shared his plan to prolong tourist stay in Lumbini by building monasteries in Devdaha, Tilaurakot, Ramgram and Kudan and increasing Buddhist activity in these locations. 

He also said he was in touch with stakeholders to develop these areas in an integrated manner. 

He called for the regulation of meat sales in Lumbini as it was impacting the site's image in front of the world's pilgrims.

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